The Serpent in the Wilderness – John 3:14-15

February 28, 2021   /   Bethel Church

The Serpent in the Wilderness – John 3:14-15

Jesus understood the Old Testament as pointing to

The Bible is both -Historical in nature. 

Jesus didn’t end his conversation with Nicodemus without pointing to the of the new birth — the basis of the salvation they had been talking about was the !

Numbers 21:4-9

In this portion of the journey, the people became very (like CJ on the way to Sioux Falls)

Fiery Serpents? Lizards – Scorpians — Snakes? We do not know for sure but we do know that people from their

People came to Moses and asked him to on their behalf. 

They wanted God to the serpents away. 

This passage is a bit absurd in that it only makes sense if we understand it as a way of pointing the people’s back to God.

Absurd: Look at a bronze snake on a pole to cure an incurable snake bite. 

You must i the problem to find the solution to it

The Christian faith is unique because it is not “

Salvation is not based on works — but is based on Christ’s !

What Solutions would have seemed more reasonable? 

I.  They could have been told to create a to offset the poison

There was nothing but waiting for them as a result of their wound unless God furnished a remedy. 

II. The ones bitten were not encouraged to follow the path of  

God holds us r for past sins even if we have changed our ways. 

Illustration: Small Store Owner

III. People were not told to the serpents off

Sin is not cured by a organization 

IV. The people who were bit were not told to to the serpent on the pole. 

One cannot themselves into heaven

What happened to the bronze serpent? 

It was destroyed by King (2 Kings 18:4)

What does it mean to believe? 

Illustration: John Paton

Faith + To stretch out and on Christ


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