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The Humility of John
April 11, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 3:22-36

The Humility of John

April 11, 2021 / John 3:22-36

The Humility of John – John 3:22-36

In trying to be by applying certain principles we actually end up struggling with

Humility is a Christian that we should long for and

Humility is not a product of one’s working to obtain it

“Humility is not the product of direct cultivation, rather it is a by-product. The more I try to be humble, the less shall I attain unto humility. But if I am truly occupied with that One who was ‘meek and lowly in heart,’ if I am constantly beholding His glory in the mirror of God’s Word, then shall I be ‘changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” AW Pink

Humility is a of our preoccupation with Christ

Often humility is but not

The purpose of the Messiah, according to John, was to deal with the problem that plagued humanity. 

People from every came to hear John the Baptist

 John was gladly heard by (the Tetrarch of Galilee) for a short time. 

John was arrested and for telling Herod that it was for him to have his brother’s wife

Before John was imprisoned, Jesus’ was growing as well and some of disciples started to follow Jesus. 

John 3:26

John didn’t relinquish his following to Jesus but he was actually

John 3:27

I. John was aware of God’s and this was one thing that kept him humble. 

A lot of people speak of God’s sovereignty but believe it only when it is convenient. 

The simplicity of God: God isn’t a some total of (all that is in God is God)

II. John was very  

John 3:28

John recognized himself (at least on one level) to be

John 15:5

III. John’s eyes were fixed on

John 3:29

John didn’t see himself as a mere guest but one that longed to hear from the and at his voice. 

The sufficiency of Scripture: the Scripture that we have is enough when it comes to faith and practice.

“We accept the Bible as the infallible Word of God and the authoritative guide for faith and practice.” USMB CONFESSION OF FAITH

Illustration: Walking through the long spinning barrel 

True humility is not but actually gives one


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