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The Greatest Gift
March 14, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 3:16

The Greatest Gift

March 14, 2021 / John 3:16

The Greatest Gift — John 3:16

True or False: John 3:16 should be in “RED” letters.

Does it take away from John 3:16 if Jesus “didn’t” says it?

The words attributed to Jesus (in red)are just as much God’s as the letter to the Philippians.

The Scriptures are said to be God-!

What came from the author’s pen was exactly what God wanted to while preserving their own and personalities. 

Verbal Plenary Inspiration: The Bible (Plenary) right down to the very (Verbal) is inspired by God. 

The focus of the word isn’t that God’s love is highlighted because it is extended to people but because the world is so

How do we know that God loves us?

For since he (God) necessarily hates sin, how shall we believe that we are loved by him [because we are sinners], until atonement has been made for those sins on account of which he is justly offended at us? ~ John Calvin

We know that God loves us when that which about us that has God has been with once and for all. 

I. Jesus is the greatest gift because He is the God had to give. 

   He gave his Son

In Greek, the idea is “uniqueness” or ““.

  Jesus is God incarnate 

The greatest gift one can give is .  

II. Jesus is the greatest gift because He was God’s gift from before the foundation of the earth. 

  The Covenant of Redemption: An agreement of the members of the concerning the plan of redemption before the world began. 

Isaiah 53:10

Acts 2:23

Revelation 13:8

Illustration from Genesis 22

God tells Abraham: I want you to your son

This was testing Abraham’s

Watchman Nee:  “He (Isaac) represents many gifts of God’s grace. Before God gives them, our hands are empty. Afterwards they are full. Sometimes God reaches out his hands to take ours in fellowship. Then we need empty hands to put into his. but when we have received his gifts and are nursing them to ourselves, our hands are full, and when God puts out his hand we have not empty hand for him.”

This was a test of spiritual  

Abraham believed that God would Isaac from the

Genesis 22:5

Hebrews 11:17-19

As Abraham was about to kill his son God provided a .  

As Jesus was on the cross, God put his son to to save us from our sins and then raised him in victory over death. 

III. Jesus is the greatest gift to fallen humanity because Jesus is perfectly suited to our needs. 

We need of God — which is found in Jesus (John 14:9).

We need a – We are sinners in need of saving and Jesus is the only remedy. 

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