Spring of Living Water

May 9, 2021   /   Bethel Church

Spring of Living Water – John 4:7-14

The symbolism of water — beauty? Destruction?

Jesus is making the point that is just as necessary for life as water is for physical life. 

Jesus had to go through because of the divine that he had with the woman at the well. 

Jesus was completely human and therefore from the trip

Geoffrey Bull makes the connection between thirst here and the thirst of Jesus on the

The point of Bull was that the point of the (Jesus becoming human) was to fallen humanity. 

The woman came to draw water and didn’t to Jesus. 

Jesus always first. 

If it were up to us, we would Jesus sitting on the of the well  

Matthew 25:31-46

Is the of our (being made right with God) based on how we treat others?

We cannot have it both ways — be justified by faith alone and also by in the end. 

The doctrine of Imputation: Jesus’ perfect covering the believer so that when God looks at them he sees the righteousness of His own son.

What do we do with Matthew 25?

I. Jesus never says that the basis or of our entrance into heaven is our works

II. Properly understanding helps the believer recognize that our works would never be good enough for entrance into heaven 

III. Justification and are connected — the one who is truly justified will walk in good works. 

Living water = water

Psalm 42:1

Isaiah 12

Jeremiah 2

Isaiah 44

Ezekiel 47:1-12

Revelation 7:17

God alone the spiritually thirsty soul. 

John 4:14

Note the difference between a well and a

Illustration: Burying a well vs a spring

What happens when spring water comes bubbling through the dirt?

The Second London Baptist Confession of Faith — Chapter 17

The Christian running away from God and the lost person need the same thing? The Gospel — both need to repent. 

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