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Nicodemus the Skeptic
February 21, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 3:9-13

Nicodemus the Skeptic

February 21, 2021 / John 3:9-13

An skeptic Has doubts but can be persuaded by the evidence. 

A skeptic will not change but only digs his/her heels in deeper.

Is Nicodemus an honest or dishonest skeptic?

Jesus rebukes Nicodemus for what he have and have known. 

Was Jesus rebuking Nicodemus for not understanding how the New Birth comes about?

Reason 1: Jesus begins to speak in the  

Reason 2: The contrast between and heavenly things. 

Jesus was not speaking here about the new birth itself but the of the new birth. 

He was rebuking Nicodemus for not believing in the New Birth based on its effects. 

Summary: “Nicodemus answered Jesus, saying, ‘I have never observed the new birth. I can’t believe it is possible.’ Jesus answered, ‘Do you mean to tell me that you have risen to the point of being a teacher in Israel and yet have never observed the transformed life of a person who has been touched by my Spirit? I am telling you the truth when I say that all of us are speaking about things that we know personally and are testifying to things that we have often observed in others. You don’t believe us. If I have testified to transformations in others that can be observed and you do not believe, how could you believe if I were to tell you about things that can be known only by revelation?’ ” ~JMB


The Unbeliever or Skeptic: The Skeptic must come to terms with the power of the gospel to

Illustration: The Story of Dr. Ironside 

The lives of the disciples were by Jesus – this is seen clearly in the fact that they were willing to suffer and for Him. 

Can the skeptic claim that all Christians are bases on the moral failures of a few that claim to be Christians?  No, there are still countless lives that have been changed and that evidence will not go away. 

The Believer: Has your life

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