Bethel Church
New Life
June 6, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 4:27-30

New Life

June 6, 2021 / John 4:27-30

New Life – John 4:27-30

The Lord sees into the of people but we

In our gospel conversations with people, we often do not know the

How do we know that this woman was born again?

New Birth produces

Illustration: Changes at the moment of physical birth

The contrast between chapter 3 (Nicodemus) and chapter 4 (the unnamed woman)

One is born again by the

Justification is by

Faith in Christ is the natural to the work of the Holy Spirit

Evidence 1 of New Birth: of Christ 

Spiritual birth does not on confession — confession is that new birth has taken place

Baptismal Regeneration: One is born again (at least in part) through baptism [This is HERESY!]

We Christ because we have been

Matthew 10:32-33

Romans 10:9-10

The actions of were not (necessarily) evidences of faith in Christ 

Evidence 2 of New Birth: A Change is  

Faith in Jesus Christ changes things — our and what is important to us

The woman leaving the jar behind shows a change in

Evidence 3 of New Birth: for the Lost

The woman repeated Jesus’ invitation to



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