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God’s Wisdom
December 12, 2021

God’s Wisdom

December 12, 2021

The Wisdom of God

Romans 11:33-36

Introduction: The Karate Kid

Three Foundational Pillars of Trust in God:

  1. Complete Sovereignty
  2. Infinite Wisdom
  3. Perfect Love or the Scribd app

What does it mean to call God wise?

“Wisdom is the power to see, and the inclination to choose, the best and highest goal or good, together with the surest means of obtaining it.” ~ JI Packer

Wisdom is the side of being morally good

The wisdom of God is at work and never fails!

Misunderstanding God’s : God intends for life to be easy and good

“God’s wisdom is not, and never was, pledged to keep a fallen world happy or to make ungodliness comfortable. Not even to Christians has he promised a trouble-free life— rather the reverse.” ~JI Packer

What is God’s purpose or goal in allowing difficulty? 

Answer: That we would and honor and praise him for the wonderful ordered complexity and variety of the world that God uses to accomplish His

God is and does what is !

God’s is our too!

Illustrations: Abraham



What do we do with this? 
We realize that these things were written for our

How do we meet difficult and challenging life situations 

  1. We realize these things are and we ask ourselves what reactions does the gospel requires of us.
  2. We should seek God’s specifically about these things

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