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Coming to Terms with the Truth
May 16, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 4:15-18

Coming to Terms with the Truth

May 16, 2021 / John 4:15-18

Coming to terms with the truth – John 4:15-18

The Christianity that is pushed in the public square is very  

The Scriptures reveal who is and who are

It is impossible for one to know unless God reveals the true state of his or her to them

These verses are really the in the story

What Jesus said here was like someone throwing a cup of cold water in her face for it really the what was presumably the greatest in her life and source of great guilt 

The woman tried to in verses 20 and 25

Progressive Christians suggest that this story is

2 Kings 17:29-31

The progressive interpretation is a — we need to understand the history and the fact that there were five groups that came into this land with their gods — this is the key to interpreting the text. 

This interpretation is wrong:

I. Five people groups are mentioned but different gods

II. These gods are worshiped at the same time not one after another as husbands would be 

III. would be pictured as one with whom the woman was having an adulterous affair with. 

If Jesus sees into the heart of this woman – it means that Jesus sees into the hearts of

Christians are r — they see sin as the number problem plaguing humankind

Three kinds of Lost People:

I. The Hedonist — makes decisions based on what will bring them and

II. the Moralist – the one with high standards (either the Sermon on the Mount or their own)

The command to “be perfect, as God is perfect” means that we are to  

III. The Religious Person — Might agree with much of the assessment of the others but thinks they will be in the end because of their adherence to religion. 

Illistration: Basel (Fashnacht)

“God sees behind your



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