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Christ at the Center
January 9, 2022

Christ at the Center

January 9, 2022

Jesus at the Center

John 5:30-47

John 5 is concerned with the question: How can one know God?

Two aspects:

a. The by which we come to know God

b. How that means is

Acts 4:12

How do we know that Jesus is the means by which we obtain eternal life?

A Christian bears the name of and this shapes the way they live.

Who is it that bears witness to Christ?

Illustration: Publishers Clearing House — the winning message must be verified 

God verifies Jesus through the witness of:

A. John the Baptist

John 5:33-35

John bore witness to one that would come after him and be greater — who would save the world from their sins

B. Miracles or Signs

Jesus calls these signs his in verse 36

A Sign is a symbol pointing to something else

The signs of Jesus showed Jesus to be the giver of authorized by God the Father

John 10:10

Does God heal today?

Does God give the gift of healing today?

C. The Scriptures 

This is the most important of the three witnesses that we have mentioned because it is here that Jesus dwells. 

John 5:37

The religious leaders (and many people) believed that eternal life was found in the themselves

They misunderstood the for the actual thing

John 5:40 — REFUSE — absolute negative 

What is the purpose of the Scriptures?

The primary purpose of the Scriptures is to point men and women to Christ who is the giver of life

The Law of God functions as a:

a. Mirror (for the lost)

b. Curb (for all)

c. Guide (for believers)

Illustration: Picnic grounds (it would be foolish to stop short of the picnic grounds thinking the signpost is the picnic area). 

John the Baptist — the Prophetic word

Signs — the Acted Word

Scriptures — the Written Word

When you come to Scripture do you approach it as the written word — meaning that its primary purpose is to bear witness to Christ? 

How might this impact your devotional life? 


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