Bethel Church, WA
September 5, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Matthew 8:5-13


September 5, 2021 / Matthew 8:5-13

Jesus responds to outsiders with , not !

Who do you consider an ?

Four tips to help us be affectionate towards outsiders.

1. Let’s be to the outsiders God places in our path.

2. Let’s God to work in unexpected ways in unexpected people.

3. Let’s any attitudes of arrogance.

4. Let’s affection to outsiders because that is what Jesus did!

Small Group Questions

  1. A centurion was the commander of 100 Roman soldiers like those occupying Judea in Jesus’ time. How do you think the people who lived there felt about their presence in their
    country? If you were with Jesus, what do you think your response would have been emotionally to a soldier of a foreign army coming to Jesus asking him to heal his servant?
  2. In Matthew 8:7, Jesus says, “I will come and heal him,” even though according to rabbinical law if Jesus were to enter a Gentile home he would have been made unclean. What are the implications for our attitude and approach to other people if we follow Jesus example?
  3. Why do you think Jesus was so impressed with the faith of the centurion?
  4. Have you ever had the experience of “being surprised” that someone you thought or judged to be far from God actually possessed strong faith? Who was it and what happened?
  5. In what ways does Jesus’ image of the banquet in 8:11-12 serve as a warning not to get too smug, sure, or arrogant about the level of our faith compared to other people?
  6. How can we live in such a way that we don’t judge who we think is “in” or “out” when it comes to faith? Are there groups or types of people that you may need to look at with new eyes in light of this gospel story?


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