January 17, 2021   /   Bethel Church, WA

1. Look to see the glory of God.

Job 42:5-6;

Mk 5:41;

Ps 34:3;

Hab 2:14

2. Look to see the gravity of our sin.

3. Look to see the sacrifice that was made.

Jn 1:29

4. Look to see the greatness of our call.

A. Put away any sin.

B. Put away any habit.

C. Obey the Holy Spirit .

D. Confess Christ .




  1. Read Isaiah 6:1-4. A. What is the significance of the seraphim choosing “holy” as their descriptor of God? B. How is the earth full of His glory?
  2. Take a look at verses 5-8. Isaiah’s immediate reaction was one of being struck by his sin in the presence of our holy God. What are the implications for us?
  3. Isaiah went through a process in this passage that includes recognition of sin, crying out, receiving forgiveness, hearing God’s call, and finally responding with a willing heart. At what stage are you in this process, and how can you move forward?
  4. In response to the Lord’s call, Isaiah said, “send me!” What specific call has God put on your heart? Are you responding with willingness? Is there sin you have not asked forgiveness for that is holding you back from God’s calling? Can a person even hear God’s calling if they have not acknowledged their sin and repented?
  5. Read verses 9-10. What is the condition of a heart that the Lord gives over to spiritual blindness? How does a person get there?
  6. A. What is the meaning of verses 11-13a? B. In verse 13b, what hope does God leave for Israel and us?


Does your prayer focus throughout these 21 days of prayer and fasting include your mission and Bethel’s to our neighbors and the world? Include planning for mission in your group prayer time and your prayers


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