Bethel Church, WA
November 1, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Jeremiah 29:1-14


November 1, 2020 / Jeremiah 29:1-14

1. The of God by way of exile.

Jer 29:4, 7-9;

Acts 17:26-27;

I Pet 1:1-2

2. The of God through His exiles.

Jer 29:7;

Jn 14:27

3. The of God for how to live as exiles.

Jer 29:5-6;

Ps 137:1-6

4. The for exiles.

Jer 29:11-14;

Heb 11:9-10;

Col 1:20;

Eph 2:14




  1. Read Jeremiah 29:1-4
    A. Who ultimately sent Judah into exile?
    B. Why? Read II Chronicles 36:14-20. Did reading II Chronicles change your thinking?
  2. We are now living as aliens and strangers on this earth, I Peter 2:11 NASB. How is our living away from our heavenly home like Judah’s exile in Babylon?
  3. Read Jeremiah 29:4-7
    A. How would you summarize the Lord’s commands to the exiles?
    B. Why do you think He gave them this mission?
    C. How does this apply to our Babylon—our community and
  4. A. Describe your circle of influence and impact.
    B. What is your responsibility to them? See Galatians 6:9-10,
    1 Timothy 2:1-4, and Matthew 28:18-20.
  5. Read and compare Jeremiah 29 verse 7 with verse 11. Notice that the Hebrew word “shalom”—translated variously as peace, good,
    prosperity, welfare, and well-being—is used in both verses. How does our well-being depend on living out our faith in the world around us? Discuss the implications of this.
  6. Today many voices are clamoring to be heard. Read Jeremiah 29:8-9. What warning for us do you draw from these words?
  7. Read Jeremiah 29:10-14. When things look hopeless, or in times of
    uncertainty, should we make plans for the future or put them on hold? Why?

Visit and consider with your small group how you can pool each of your $100 to “Be the Church” and impact somebody for the name of Jesus. Come to a decision and aim to carry it out this next week.

Pray for the good of our community—and your impact upon it—in a focused way throughout this week. Next week, share anything specific that the Lord has shown you or is leading you to do.


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