RE:Orient – Christ’s Ambassadors

November 29, 2020   /   Jason Greene   /   Bethel Church, WA

  1.  The of reconciliation. Phil 3:20
    1. We are . Ezek 36:26
    2. We have God. 

  1. The of reconciliation. 
    1. Ambassadors for Christ. 

  1. The of reconciliation. Eph 6:19-20; 2 Cor 5:11; Acts 17:4; 18:4; 19:8; Eph 6:2-4 




  1. It seems as though offenses surround and assault us at every turn. We,  however, are to react differently. Read 2 Corinthians 5:15-16.  A. Why do we no longer assess others around us from merely a human  perspective?  
  2. What is there about a Christ-follower that should be different from  everyone else? Why? 
  3. Verse 16b says that in our pre-Christian life, “we thought of Christ  merely from a human point of view,” NLT. Share what you thought of  Jesus before you knew Him. 
  4. An important aspect of each Christian’s life witness is their transpar ency. Read verses 17-18. Share honestly and briefly what you once were  before your rescue and what the Holy Spirit has done to change you  since. 
  5. Read verses 19-20. A Russian Christian put a gold-plated sign on her  house, saying, “Embassy of Heaven.”  
  6. How have you used your home for outreach in the past?  B. Although our opportunities to utilize our homes for reaching others  may be limited right now, we can plan for the future. Share some  creative ways that we can use our homes as a platform for ministry. 
  7. If you had just a minute to introduce the Gospel to someone, what  would you say? 
  8. In verse 21b, Paul says “that we might become the righteousness of  God.” What brings about this change process? See verse 21a and  Romans 3:20-26. 


Commentator Thomas Constable says, “the ambassador’s duty is not  merely to deliver a definite message, but is obligated to watch [for]  opportunities, to study characters…so that he may place [the message]  before his hearers in its most attractive form. He is a diplomat.” Think about  the people you interact with and look for opportunities this week to  represent Christ in an appealing way.

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