Bethel Church, WA
October 11, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Matthew 5:13-16


October 11, 2020 / Matthew 5:13-16

1. We are to a world in .

a. Be in the world.

I Pet 2:9-10; Matt 5:3-10

b. Do not be to the world.

2. We are to a world in .

Gen 1:1-3; Ps 119:105; Jn 1:9; 8:12; 12:44-46; Jn 17:18; Heb 1:3

a. A of light.

b. A not to be hidden.

3. We the message that we share with the lives that we live.




  1. Read Matthew 5:13.
    Salt is essentially different from the medium into which it is put. It is the same with Christ’s disciples; their power in the world lies in their difference from it. Salt represented purity, flavored food, and retarded decay in food (from Thomas Constable’s commentary). How should your relationship with Jesus flavor the world around you?
  2. Review Colossians 4:6 and James 3:10-12.
    A. How is our speech like salt?
    B. Describe a time when your speech was pure and flavorful. How about a time when it wasn’t?
  3. A. Have you experienced a season when you felt your “saltiness” had lost its flavor?
    B. If so, how did you deal with it and has your “saltiness” returned?
  4. Read Matthew 5:14-16.
    How do you reconcile verse 16 and Matthew 6:1-4?
  5. How do you discern when your witness should be action or words or both?
  6. 1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV says, “Bad company corrupts good character.” How does the “company” you keep, e.g., entertainment, social media, friends, or interests, have the potential to affect your “light” by dimming or brightening it?

Commit this week to offer prayer for someone you know is not a believer or to a stranger. Just simply tell them that you are going to be praying to Jesus later and would love to pray for any burden on their heart. Another approach would be to ask, “If God was going to do a miracle in your life today, what would you want it to be?” Listen to their heart and try not to cut the conversation short. Commit to pray for them and what they shared (that can be right there on the spot or at a later time). Remember to thank them for sharing with you and be sure to honor your commitment to pray.

Ask the Lord to show you if you have departed from your first love relationship with Him and for the Holy Spirit’s help to be salt and light in the world surrounding you. Ask Him to guide your path and brighten your light in these dark days.




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