December 13, 2020   /   Bethel Church, WA

1. We have a vital .

Jn 17:18; 20:21;
I Tim 1:15;
Lk 19:10;
Is 9:2;
Eph 4:18

2. Jesus is the sent .

II Cor 4:3-4;
Lk 19:10

3. Jesus is the sent .

II Cor 4:5;
Ps 83:17-18; 97:5, 9; 103:19-22;
Lk 2:4;
Matt 28:18

4. The mission is to .

II Cor 4:6
Is 9:2;
Mk 10:45




  1. In II Corinthians 3:6-11, Paul writes about Christ’s new covenant of the Spirit being more glorious than the old covenant of the Law.
    Read II Cor. 4:1.
    A. What does it mean to “have this ministry” of the new covenant?
    B. Why does this cause us to “not lose heart”?
  2. In II Cor. 4:3, the gospel is described as being veiled to the perishing.
    A. What are some aspects of veils?
    B. How does that relate to our gospel message?
  3. A. In II Cor. 4:4, who or what is the “god of this world”?
    B. Describe an encounter you’ve had with someone who was blinded to the gospel. Would you do anything differently the next time?
  4. A. From verses 5-6, what is our purpose?
    B. What has the Lord done in us to prepare us to carry out this purpose?
  5. A. What does it mean that we “have this treasure in jars of clay”?
    B. How has this played out in your life?


At Christmas, we are reminded that God’s glory was revealed to the world through the humble birth of Jesus. Talk through some ways to be creative in showing God’s glory, as reflected through us.



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