October 18, 2020   /   Adam Phillips   /   Bethel Church, WA

1. Jesus radically transforms our relationship with .

a. Jesus the .

Acts 9:1-2; 3-6; 19b-22

b. Jesus us into .

Phil 3:4-9

c. Jesus us.

Acts 8:1-3; 9:17-19


2. Jesus radically transforms our relationship with the .

a. Jesus us with His body.

Acts 9:10-14; 17-19; 26-28

b. Jesus challenges us to in the body.

Acts 9:15-16; Col 1:24-25

c. Jesus challenges us to on the body.

Acts 9:17-19; Rom 1:11-12


3. Jesus radically transforms our relationship with the .

a. Jesus us .

Acts 9:15-16

b. Jesus us .

Acts 9:20-22; 28-30

c. Jesus our hearts to the .

Acts 9:15






  1. Read Acts 9:1-9.
    A. Can you think of a modern-day former opponent of Christ who came to follow the Lord? These could be famous people or someone you know of. It could even be you!
    B. What are some ways that their coming to Christ encourages you?
  2. Note that Jesus says that Saul is persecuting Him, not just His people. How does this make you feel when you are opposed or ridiculed for your Christian beliefs?
  3. Read Acts 9:10-19a. Share a time when the Lord asked you to do something hard. What ended up happening? Did you obey?
  4. In Acts 9:10-19, we find that the obedience of believers plays a role in others “seeing” Christ.
    A. What are some different aspects of Ananias’ faith actions?
    B. Share an example of a way that someone else’s faith action helped you connect with the Lord and/or the church.
  5. Read Acts 9:19b-22. This remarkable story starts with the relationship between the Lord and an individual, Saul. Next, the Lord involves a disciple, Ananias, and “the disciples in Damascus.” Finally, Saul preaches to the world. Of your relationships

Review Acts 9:23-31. The Lord chose Saul—soon to be named Paul—as a unique individual with a special purpose and calling on his life; see Galatians 2:8 and 1 Corinthians 1:1. Have your eyes been “opened” to see God’s distinct purpose for you in the world around you? If so, share it with the group and tell how you are accomplishing it. Ask them to partner with you in prayer for what you are to do over the next week. Tell them next week what happened. If you haven’t discovered God’s distinct purpose for you, seek the Lord diligently and serve obediently where you are in the meantime; see Ephesians 1:3, 5, 9, and 11.

Refer to question 4. Think of a relationship you have with a person, Christian or non-Christian, who might benefit from some action you could take. Spend some focused time in prayer before the Lord and ask Him to reveal something specific for you to do, and to give you the courage to do it.

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