Bethel Church, WA
January 9, 2022
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Luke 17:11-19


January 9, 2022 / Luke 17:11-19

We need to .

Luke 17:11-14

Mark 1:40-41

2 Corinthians 5:18-19

We need to .

Luke 17:12-13

Luke 18:9-14

Revelation 3:20

We need to .

Luke 17:15-19



  1. Read Romans 3:9-18, Psalm 7:12-13. What do these passages say about your personal relationship status with God without Jesus’ intervening on your behalf? Is it difficult to fully accept, why or why not?
  2. Read Isaiah 9:6, Matthew 10:34-36. In Isaiah 9:6 Christ is described as the Prince of Peace. In Matthew 10:34-36, Christ declares that he has come to bring division between people. With your knowledge of the gospel, how can these contradictory statements make sense?
  3. Read Matthew 5:9. Christ has declared the sons and daughters of God as peacemakers. What is our role and responsibility in the world as peacemakers? What can you intentionally do this week to walk out in this calling?
  4. Read Phil 4:4-7. Share a time where the peace of God has guarded your heart and mind in the middle of troubles.
  5. Read 1 Cor 12:21-26. If one member of the body of Christ suffers, all
    suffer together. How have Christian friendships comforted you when you experienced personal pain?

Prayer Prompt

Pray for a specific person in your life that needs to hear the good news of Christ. Ask God to open his/her heart to receive the good news and help you to be an Ambassador of Christ.


Often people state that they are “busy” when asked how they are doing. It’s as if people define themselves by what they do rather than by what Christ has done. If we aren’t truly accessing gospel rest in Christ, we reap a
harvest of frustration, impatience, anxiety and anger towards others and ourselves. Set aside time today to ask God to help you gauge whether you are working from a position of rest, secure in the knowledge that you are accepted, and what Jesus did is enough.


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