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Live in Harmony With One Another
Scheduled: September 26, 2021
Pastor Obie Obien

As we continue through our new series through 1st Corinthians, Pastor Obie will share a timely message on how to live in harmony with one another during one of the most divided times in history.

An Introduction to 1st Californians
September 19, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we’re starting a new series titled “1st Californians.” The similarities between ancient Corinth during the first century and California/Orange County in 2021 are unbelievably striking. Grab a bible and follow along with Pastor Kyle as we dive into 1st Corinthians together.

September 12, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Here’s the big “what if…” question for you. What if we switched our mindset about hard things in our lives from “I can’t do that” to “it’s possible”? God might just want to unlock some amazing things in each of us. Open a Bible to Matthew 17 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

Hope in the Waiting?
September 5, 2021
Melissa Ferguson

Join us for a special message from Melissa Ferguson as she shares her story of finding the hope of Christ in cancer.

Spiritual Warfare 101
August 29, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

One of the foremost passages in all of the Bible that unpacks how Christians should defend themselves from spiritual warfare is found in Ephesians. The Apostle Paul built a whole teaching around the illustration of a Roman soldier and their armor to discuss the spiritual armor that believers need to put on daily. Most of us have seen an image of this armor in a history book, on television or in church growing up, associated with this passage. Open a Bible to Ephesians 6:10-20 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

How to Keep Moving Forward in Uncertain Times
August 22, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Yet again, we’re facing uncertain times with no end in sight. Most of us have endured more stress and pressure in the last year and a half than we can ever remember. The entire world is living in an ongoing uncertainty with no clear end in sight. The stress can be paralyzing if we sit there and stare at the circumstances. That’s not how God wants any of us to live our lives, He wants us to keep pressing on and keep moving forward. So how do we do that in the midst of un-ending uncertainty? Open a Bible to John 15 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

Happy or Holy?
August 15, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we’re going to take a 30,000-foot view of what the entire Bible says about the concepts of happiness and holiness. This isn't going to be a “God doesn’t want me to be happy” kind of a message. We're going to look at what’s most important from God’s perspective and what leads to the longest form of happiness from both an earthly as well as a biblical/eternal perspective. Open a Bible and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

Oikos: 4 Steps to Evangelize Like an All-Star
August 8, 2021
Pastor Obie Obien

Not every Christian is called to be an evangelist but every Christian is called to evangelize. So, what is the most effective method of fulfilling this calling? Today we are going to learn the method of how Jesus and the early church evangelized. This is the story of how they grew from a small group of believers into something that would flip the Roman Empire on its head and change the world. Open a bible and follow along with Pastor Obie.

Faith and Wisdom Go Hand in Hand
August 1, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Faith and wisdom are like the right and left hand of every believer, some of you are right hand dominant and some of you are left hand dominant. Christians tend to be either “wisdom-driven/dominant” or “faith-driven/dominant.” The longer we walk with Jesus, we learn that we’re stronger when we’re using both together. The fire of faith combined with the power of an informed, Godly mind is what makes a healthy Christian. and a healthy Church. It’s never one or the other.
Open a bible to Hebrews 11 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

A Gospel Impact in a Grimy World
July 25, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

We’re going to talk about how to stand out and above the grime in this world and how to present ourselves as a sweet aroma that draws others in. As with many of the principles in the Kingdom of God, making a Gospel impact in this world is counter-intuitive as well. Open a bible to 1 Timothy 2 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

A Holy Longing
July 18, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

In life, we live in a constant state of longing. There is an “incompleteness” to everything that happens, everything we have, and everything we do on this side of Heaven. When you finally “climb the mountain” it feels great, like you’ve accomplished something… but all you see is another side of the mountain you still need to climb. We’re going to see the Apostle Paul's holy longing of wanting to reach Rome to preach to a fledgling church there. Open a bible to Romans 1:8-17 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

Lessons Rediscovered on Summer Vacation
July 11, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today’s message is going to be a bit of a “road trip.” After returning from a two week trip, Pastor Kyle shares a few lessons that he rediscovered while on vacation.

Independence Day at City Church
July 4, 2021
Pastor Obie Obien

Join us for a special 4th of July Service as Pastor Obie interviews Elijah Reyes from the hit musical Hamilton.

And Then His Disciples Did the Same
June 27, 2021
Dr. William Nolte

We're joined today by Dr. William Nolte of Transformation Ministries. Open a Bible to John 1:35-51 and follow along!

The Faithful Father
June 20, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

For Father’s Day 2021, Pastor Kyle felt led to teach on the story of the Prodigal Son. There are elements of this story that really ring true for parents who have wayward children and for anyone who has personally wandered off from God or from Christianity for a season. However, this story is way bigger than those two groups of folks who appreciate it for personal reasons. At its core, this story paints a picture of God’s heart and how He sees us in our sin. It also shows us how we are to view others who are struggling with or are lost in sin and how we are to view the grace of God when we feel we were faithful all along and someone else got a free pass. As we look at the Faithful Father’s heart, we gain a glimpse of how we are to respond as a result. Open a bible to Luke 15 and follow along.

I Have Everything I Need
June 13, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

As the events of 2020-2021 unfolded, many of us rediscovered a simple life is as satisfying as God promised. Many of us have rediscovered satisfaction at home, in our loved ones, in quiet moments, and ultimately in the Lord. We truly have everything we need. Open a bible to Psalm 23 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

You Are the Salt of the Earth
June 6, 2021
Pastor Obie Obien

Today we're going to take a closer look what it means to truly be "the salt of the earth." Open a bible to Matthew 5:13 and follow along with Pastor Obie.

Building a Testimony
May 30, 2021
Pastor Wayne Palmer

Today we are joined by Wayne Palmer who was the pastor of Freedom Bible Church in Anaheim for 30 years. Pastor Wayne and his family started attending City Church a few years back and we are grateful to share the stage with him for a message on the importance of our personal testimony.

A Few Things to Think About Before Returning to “Business as Usual”
May 23, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

After living under lockdown for so long, I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a fresh dose of hope. At the same time, it’s kind of a “cautious optimism” hope and maybe even a “waiting for the other shoe to drop” kind of hope. At the beginning of March 2020 lockdown Pastor Kyle talked about Noah, his family, and the animals entering the ark. Spending one year of their lives in full blown lockdown, one year of celebrations missed altogether and modified, one year of sadness and loss. This was also a year to reconsider what’s most important ending with a new beginning. Sound familiar? Open a Bible to Genesis 8:18-9:1 and follow along with Pastor Kyle as we learn what Noah and his family did when they finally exited the ark.

Lessons from a Legend on How to Leave a God-sized Legacy
May 16, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we come to the life and death of a legend. Moses was arguably the greatest historical leader up until Jesus Christ himself. Moses laid the foundation for our faith and his greatness didn’t come from himself. He was used by God to set up and implement the system Jesus would ultimately come and fulfill. We can’t conceive of our faith without Moses because he’s that pivotal to God’s redemption story. Open a bible to Deuteronomy 30 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

Jochebed – Best Mom Ever
May 9, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

When it comes to our kids, that phrase “Mama bear/Papa bear” kicks in. We are all instinctively protective of our kids and yet today we’re going to come to a story in the Bible where a mom appears to have put her kids’ life in danger. Depending upon how you read the story, what she did was either a very dangerous gamble with her child’s life or a genius plan to save him. We're talking about Jochebed, Moses’ mom. Open a bible to Exodus 2 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

The Power of Intercession
May 2, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

There is tremendous power in prayer and even more power in interceding for others in prayer before God. We’re going to see how Moses did that for these rebellious Israelites and how God calls us to do the same as believers. Open a bible to Exodus 33-34 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

The Golden Calf: How a Nation Failed & Recovered
April 25, 2021
Pastor Obie Obien

Open a bible to Exodus chapter 32 and follow along with Pastor Obie. We're going to see how the Israelites, through guidance from Aaron, commit idolatry and the consequences that follow upon Moses' return from the mountain.

Little by Little
April 18, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

The greatest achievements usually don’t happen overnight, they happen “little by little.” Many of us are feeling stuck in our lives these days. You’re frustrated by where you are. You see others in places you want to be accomplishing goals you hope to achieve that aren’t happening for you. You feel like something is wrong with you. You feel like the thing you’ve been praying for isn’t going to happen. We hope this message encourages you about God’s plan for your life. Open a bible to Exodus chapter 23 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

God’s Wedding Vows
April 11, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we’re coming to one of the most famous sections of the entire Old Testament and definitely the whole Bible as well, the 10 Commandments. On the one hand, everyone has at least heard of the 10 commandments but on the other hand, how many of you could actually recite them? Open a bible to Exodus chapter 20 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

Easter in Exodus
April 4, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

He has risen! He has risen INDEED! Today is Easter Sunday and it’s the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. We’re going to take a different twist on Easter Sunday than you may have ever experienced before with a message from Pastor Kyle called "Easter in Exodus."

A Checklist of Everything Needed for a Successful Meeting with God
March 28, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we join Pastor Kyle in Exodus 19. This is the beginning of a series of events where Moses goes up and down Mount Horeb to meet with God, receive the Law, and instruct the people how they are to live as children of God. Exodus has shown us that the Israelites had already been observing some of the practices associated with Jewish law but this defining meeting between Moses and God would codify in writing what it meant to be the people of God. One massive difference between Christians today and the Israelites then is that we don’t depend on any human being to be our intercessor with God. We have Jesus our great intercessor, and because of Him, we can go boldly before the throne of grace with confidence. That being said, Exodus 19 offers some thoughts for us to consider before we go and meet with God.

How to Set Yourself up for More Success and Less Burnout – Part 2
March 21, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Last week, we saw how Moses’ friends held up his arms so the Israelites could win their first “Post-Pharaoh” battle against the Amalekites. Today we’re going to see Moses learn a life and leadership lesson the hard way and his father-in-law Jethro shows up. Jethro goes on to give Moses some much-needed advice on how to set himself up for long-term success. We’re also going to see how his Pagan priest of a father-in-law Jethro converts to a belief in the Lord. Open a bible to Exodus 18 and follow along with Pastor Kyle as we learn how to set ourselves up for more success in the long term and less burnout.

How to Set Yourself up for More Success and Less Burnout — Part 1
March 14, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

There will be days when we all go to bed feeling burnt out, that’s a reality. The question is: what do we do with those feelings and how do we turn those emotions around when we experience them? We’re going to see that Moses needed support from his friends to win the battle. The people had been through so much difficulty and yet they still had new, exhausting battles to fight. Open a bible to Exodus 17 and follow along with Pastor Kyle as we learn how to set ourselves up for more success in the long term and less burnout.

God Will Provide in the Wilderness
March 7, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Provision takes many different forms throughout our lives. It can be the meeting of an emotional need, relational need, physical need, a financial need, or really any kind of need that comes up. Ultimately, all forms of provision come from God meeting a SPIRITUAL need. Every earthly need is connected to a deeper spiritual need under the surface. That’s why the Word “provision” really gets to the foundation of the fact that God is the PROVIDER for His people. Open a bible to the book Exodus and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

Bitter to Better Days
February 28, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

After the bitterness of the past 400 years the Israelites finally had hope of better, sweeter days ahead... or so they thought. The reality we’re going to see today is that even after they were free from Pharaoh’s hold, many bitter obstacles lay ahead of them in the wilderness. Open a bible to Exodus 15 and follow along with Pastor Kyle.

New Battle… Same God
February 21, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today at City Church we are going going to see the absolute climax of the book of Exodus – the crossing of the Red Sea. The same God who had delivered the children of Israel from the hand of Pharaoh would now lead them into what seemed like a trap. The Israelites would face the choice to question this God or to trust this God. Really… it’s the same choice we face every single day. The way God worked THEN is the way God works NOW. Just like the Israelites had to trust God in this climactic battle, we have to trust the same God every day. It’s a new battle but it’s the same God.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
February 14, 2021
Joy & Willie Nolte

Today at City Church we have a special Valentine’s Day themed message featuring Dr. Willie Nolte and his wife Joy.

Getting out of Groundhog Day God’s Way
February 7, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

If you haven’t seen Groundhog Day, it’s a movie about being STUCK in life. Who hasn’t ever felt stuck in life? I’m pretty confident that we’re all there to one degree or another right now. God want us to learn about Him, His Word, others and ourselves from this ordeal we’ve lived through so we can get out of this "Groundhog Day" His way.

Your Only Viable Choice Is to Keep Fighting
January 31, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

We are living in the weariest time in modern history. Everyone is tired, stressed and sick of the sinking, fighting feeling. We wake up every day hoping for something different but living in the same, challenging world. The good news for every believer is that we can tap into the power of God right now to find strength in this battle.

Today We’re going to look at the plagues of the Exodus. Make no mistake, it was an all-out FIGHT between God and Pharaoh. Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites had to endure the PAIN of this so Moses took the only choice he had: TO KEEP FIGHTING WITH GOD.

When the Unexpected Takes Longer than Expected
January 24, 2021
Comedian Nazareth

We're joined today by inspirational comedian Nazareth to share five things we can do when the unexpected takes longer than expected.

Visit for more information.

When Winning with God Feels like Losing in the World
January 17, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

As we return to Exodus 7, we are going to see God call Moses to go back to confront Pharaoh yet again. So far, Moses’ track record of “victory” is pretty low when it comes to these kinds of confrontations and yet, he was still on the path to victory. Sometimes winning with God feels like losing in the world. My prayer for us today is that we would peel away from the pages of Exodus and look deep into our own lives. Some of you watching this may not feel like you’re being victorious right now. May we all get a sense of how to respond when winning with God feels like losing in the world.

Enlarging Our Territory in a Shrinking World
January 10, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

If you’re not familiar with the prayer of Jabez, it’s a powerful verse that’s sandwiched in the middle of 1st Chronicles. This prayer essentially matches up with what every person wants in life. Books have been written about it, some of you might have it memorized and for others of you, this might be the first time you are hearing this.

Creating a Cancel-Proof Plan for 2021
January 3, 2021
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

We know 2020 was the “canceled year.” What about 2021? Is it going to be another year where everything is canceled again? Well, we can’t control that. Believe it or not, your 2021 doesn’t have to be canceled. There might be elements of it that still aren’t anywhere near what any of us would wish but I want to all of us today to think about creating a cancel-proof plan for the year.

A Shot of Hope | Christmas 2020
December 23, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

"We’ve all learned what it means to long for something… to wait for something… and to hope for something in a way we probably never have before. I believe the events of 2020 have given us all a unique emotional glimpse into the world Jesus was born into. We’re going to look at what happened 2000 years ago when an angel of the Lord announced that God was sending Jesus, 'The Shot of Hope,' into the world." - Pastor Kyle

Out of Egypt I Have Called My Son
December 20, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Egypt wasn’t a place you wanted to go to, it wasn’t a place God wanted his people to live, and it wasn’t a place you wanted to be from. At the same time, the biblical concept of Egypt also meant redemption and hope. God brought His people out of Egypt. Whenever “Egypt” was uttered, it was a reminder that somehow, some way, the “Egypt’s” of life would never be endless. With God’s mighty hand and His outstretched arm, he would always faithfully rescue His people from Egypt.

Hope in Uncertain Times
December 13, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today, we are living in uncertain times, there is no doubt about it. Open a bible to Luke 2:22-38 and you'll see the uncertain times that Joseph and Mary were living through at this point in history. As we read these verses today, I pray we find some glimpses into what it means for us to find hope in the uncertain times we are facing.

Touching Wonder – A Star
December 6, 2020
Dr. William Nolte

We are joined today by Dr. William Nolte with a sermon from the Book of Matthew.

Sometimes Things Get Worse Before They Get Better
November 29, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

We join Pastor Kyle in the Book of Exodus as take a look into how a request by Moses and Aaron caused the lives of the Israelites to become harder before things got better.

Get These Right and Everything Else Is Less Likely to Go Wrong!
November 22, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

We join Pastor Kyle in Exodus 4 with some examples on how to keep things from 'going wrong" in our lives.

Go Back To Your Calling
November 15, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today at City Church we join Pastor Kyle as he explores Exodus 3 & 4:1-17 on what it means to "go back to our calling."

40 Years Too Soon
November 8, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Life lessons about finding God’s will from Moses’ failed first shot at leading the Israelites.

Raising World Changers
November 1, 2020
Pastor Obie Obien

Four lessons for the mother of Moses.

Because They Feared God…
October 25, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Part 2 of our Exodus Series.

How Did We Get Here and How Do We Get Out?
October 18, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Part one of our journey into the book of Exodus.

Jude – A Stick Figure Drawing of the Christian Life
October 11, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we are going to unpack the tiny book of Jude, right before the book of Revelation. Jude is not a detailed story of Jesus’ life like the Gospels. It doesn’t describe the historical growth of the Church like the book of Acts. It’s not an exhaustive theological unpacking of how we are to live like the writings of Paul or even the condensed letters of Peter we just finished. It’s more of a stick figure drawing of the Christian life.

We Did Not See That Coming!
October 4, 2020
Dr. William Nolte

We are joined today by Dr. William Nolte of Transformation Ministries to take a deeper look into God's "Big Picture" plan for the world that stared unfolding before our time and continues to this very day through us.

Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ
September 27, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we’re going to close out our 2nd Peter series that we’ve titled “FINAL WORDS” with Peter’s true final words as recorded in the Bible. The last thing Peter wanted every subsequent generation of Christian to keep in mind is the continual importance of growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Living Your Last Days
September 20, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we’re going to look at a doozy of a question: “Are we living in the last days?” In 2nd Peter 3, the Apostle Peter deals with this question as he knew he was living in his last days as he wrote this letter. This past year has caused me to a closer look at whether or not we are living in the End Times and it’s certainly possible that we could be. Even if we’re not, we’re going to see that we’re being asked to live as if we are.

False Teacher Proofing Your Life
September 13, 2020
Pastor Kyle Bonenberger

Today we’re going to see Peter talk about false teaching and false teachers. You might have a different picture in your mind about what a false teacher looks like but I tend to think about the extremes. As I prepped for my message, I challenged myself not to think about the extremes but to think about the well-meaning Christians who got wrapped up in false teaching. I want to challenge all of us to do the same. Let’s make this even more personal: how do we make sure we don’t get there?