Liberty Baptist Church of Las Vegas, NV
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Winning the War Through Discipleship
Preached: June 28, 2020

Acts 9:10-19   God Uses Disciples – v. 10 Romans 10:13     Disciples Are Given Assignments – vv. 11-12 John 4:35     Disciples Know How to Pray – vv. 13-16 Luke 11:2-3     Disciples Obey God Luke 6:46     Disciples Recognize Other Christians as Brothers – …

The War Against God
Preached: June 21, 2020

Every believer needs to realize that we ae in a spiritual battle. Satan is out to stop the work of God from moving forward. He has a literal army of demons and fallen angels to fight against you and every human being on this planet.   Acts 22:4  |  Acts 26:10-11 Acts 9:1-9   What a convers …

Does God Care About Black People?
Preached: June 14, 2020

Acts 8:26-40  Our story today is found in the Book of Acts. It is the historical record of the first time that a Christian disciple ever gave the Gospel to a black man.   This must have been important to God because it is not long after Pentecost. God cares about every race of man. Luke 1:11  | …