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Paul’s Pattern for Ministry – Part 3
Preached: November 29, 2020

Acts 14:13-23 Paul’s whole purpose was to honor and glorify the name of Jesus Christ.   He Restrained the People – v. 18 Preachers are not to be worshipped. They are simply servants Daniel 2:28-29  |  Genesis 41:16 God is displeased when men take His glory to themselves Acts 12:22-23  |  1 Timo …

Paul’s Pattern for Ministry
Preached: November 22, 2020

Acts 14:1-7   Last week, we saw that Paul’s ministry included: Having the right companions Speaking the truth with conviction Opposition from the ungodly   Determination – v. 3 “Long time therefore abode they…” You can accomplish any task if you stay at it long enough! –  1 Corinthians 15: …

Paul’s Pattern for Ministry
Preached: November 15, 2020

Paul the Apostle is well into his first missionary journey. He has traveled by sea and land to share the Good News of the Jesus Christ with the world. His ministry is a ministry that is very successful.   Both – Paul Had Godly Companions God created man with a need for companionship Genesis 2:1 …