Liberty Baptist Church of Las Vegas, NV
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Missionaries Deserve Our Support – What Do Missionaries Do?
Preached: September 20, 2020

Acts 11:22-26   In the first three or four years after Pentecost, Christians scattered all over the known world sharing the Gospel. The missionary movement started with the persecution of Stephen but continued everywhere.   Missionaries Are Sent by Churches to a Particular Place – v. 22 Ac …

Mission Work Is Important to God
Preached: September 13, 2020

Last week, we talked about how to get involved in missions We begin with prayer Surrender to the Holy Spirit Determine to share God’s Word Pray for results Step out on faith Rejoice in what God is doing   God is Sovereign He is in control of everything These were not ideal times What about ever …

How to Get Involved in Missions!
Preached: September 6, 2020

Acts 11:1-18   Begin with Prayer – v. 5 Peter was a man of prayer   The only way you will ever get in on God’s plan is through prayer   Pray for lost men and women to be saved Probably praying Luke 11 Pray in for lost souls – 1 Timothy 2:1-4   Take your faith promise prayer card …