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“Sacred Songs and Stories” Part 4 Christmas 2022
December 18, 2022

Some Christmas traditions that are incorrect. 1. The Bible says; Thou shalt celebrate Christmas and do so on December 25th! INCORRECT. Upon his conversion to Christianity, the Roman Emperor Constantine had Christianity declared the official” state” religion. The actual idea to celebrate Christmas on …

How to thank God!
October 9, 2022

Why thank God leads to how we thank God! Matthew 18:8,9- We thank God with confidence in Him, not in ourselves. Confidence in Him is faith. Confidence in ourselves only is arrogance. Matthew 18:10-12; Question: How did the Pharisee know the Tax Collector was there? Question: Do we go to Church to be …

Why, thank God!
October 2, 2022

Thanks: an expression of gratitude Source: Oxford Languages Why thank God? 1 . Because He is worthy and the Author of Life! Revelation 4:11 (NLT) Who are we? Who are you? Who do you believe God is? Do you even believe in God? We do and we also believe that we are sinners in need of a Saviour. Jesus …