Fultondale First Baptist
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Why Do We Gather?
Scheduled: June 26, 2022
Pastor Nick Church

Message preached to encourage the gathering of the body of Christ more than just Sunday morning.

Songs to Live By – Psalm 13
Scheduled: June 26, 2022

  What Does Psalm 13 Teach Us It is a normal Christian experience to feel ________________ by God. Isaiah 49:16 Being a Christian does not necessarily make our lives ________________. Acts 9:15-16 It is OK with God when we boldly acknowledge our ________________ to Him. It is possible to ______ …

This Week's Note
Divine Intersections
Scheduled: June 25, 2022

1. Divine coincidences & REPETITION of a message intersect to CONFIRM the hand of Jesus in your circumstance. “This happened three times, and immediately the object was taken up into the sky.” (Acts 10:16) What divine coincidences or messages are you receiving? 2. Your divine Intersection of pur …