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Ephesus: Losing Your First Love
Scheduled: June 26, 2022

Ephesus: Losing Your First Love | Jesus’ Words to the Church, Revelation 2:1-7   The city of Ephesus:  THEIR MASCOT: The honeybee RELIGIOUS CENTER: Home to Temple of Artemis TOURIST CENTER: People traveled to the Temple and Pan-Ionian games LEARNING CENTER: the Celsus Library – second largest i …

Our Inheritance
Scheduled: June 26, 2022
Pastor Ross O'Dell

How does John 3:3-8 support this passage? Why is it so important to be born again? God gives those who are born again 3 amazing gifts, according to this passage. What are they? 1. A Living Hope What is Biblical hope? What is our hope based upon? Why is this important? (See Col. 1:15-19) Our living h …

Why Do We Gather?
Scheduled: June 26, 2022
Pastor Nick Church

Message preached to encourage the gathering of the body of Christ more than just Sunday morning.