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Viviendo Como Dios Manda
August 14, 2022

“Enfrentando La Hostilidad” Viviendo Como Dios Manda 1 Pedro 4:1-11 Introducción: Juan 18:36; Mateo 26:52; Efesios 6:12; 2 Corintios 10:3–5 Armándonos Con La Mente De Cristo (1 Pedro 4:1-6) Hebreos 2:14–15; 1 Corintios 6:9–11 Prestos A Una Vida De Oración (1 Pedro 4:7) Mateo 26:40–41; Efesios 6:18–1 …

This Week's Note
“The Year Of The Lord’s Favor” / God In The Ruins Wk 1
August 14, 2022
Pastor Joey Bentley

In this pilot message from the "God In The Ruins" series in the Minor Prophets, Pastor Joey lays the ground work for the prophetic message in the Old Testament as part of a grander narrative that bridges the Law and the Gospels. So, instead of beginning with the first of the Minor Prophets, we look at the theme of all prophets from the vantage point of Isaiah 61:1-7, a messianic text that emphasizes hope and redemption, even in the midst of ruin. Essentially, every one of the prophets do the same on some level. Christ is everywhere in the pages as Israel undergoes judgment and exile, but all the while God hints of salvation. Join us in person during this series on Sunday mornings at 11 AM at ParkerDC.

The Plum of Patience
August 7, 2022
Pastor Jack Clegg

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