Snyder First Assembly
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Your First Sermon Note
Scheduled: November 29, 2022

Christ commanded us to love one another even as He loves us. For us to know how to love each other we must understand the character of the rich deep love that Jesus Christ that Paul describes in Ephesians 3 as surpassing knowledge. I. His love is unmerited A. 1 John 4:10 “In this is love, not that w …

This Week's Note
Blessed are Persecuted
November 28, 2022
Pastor Ted Montoya

Introduction:  The teachings of Jesus are radical and they radically change the lives of all those who choose to follow him.    Until most recently those who called themselves Christians were able to fly under the radar and fit nicely into society.   And for good reason, the Church was no threat to …

This Week's Note
Seven Things God Doesn’t Know
November 27, 2022
Dr. Jim Phillips

I. A Christian He can’t make  II. A believer He can’t call into His  III. A church He can’t  IV. A home He can’t  V. A prayer life He can’t  VI. A problem He can’t  VII. A sinner He can’t