Snyder First Assembly
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Love’s Call To Intimacy
Scheduled: June 11, 2023

1. Actively pursue and prioritize quality time together (1:7)    2. Cultivate a heart of admiration and appreciation for one another (1:12-14)   3. Exchange words of endearment and affection on a regular basis. (1:15-2:3)   4. Exercise patience and wisdom in nurturing intimacy that is …

This Week's Note
The Trial of Yeshua, Part V: Kriah
Scheduled: June 10, 2023

Trial of Yeshua Part VI – Kriah Recap: Son of God, Son of Man What were the TWO questions Caiaphas asked during Yeshua’s Trial? Did Caiaphas, being a Sadducee, believe in Messianic prophecy? In John 5:18, Yeshua refers to God as who? True or False: “You have said it” is a Semitic Idiom? What does it …

Practicing Hospitality 
Scheduled: June 11, 2023

June 11, 2023 PM Ken Bevel   Practicing Hospitality    1 Samuel 25:9-13; Genesis 18:1-5 Falling short of practicing hospitality… • Feeds a selfish mentality • Disobeys the Lord’s commands • Fails to display the heart of God   Practicing hospitality… • Displays our love for the Lord • …