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JAMES #8 – Snobbery in the Church – The Sin of Partiality
Scheduled: August 14, 2022
Rev. Ken Hall

Notes: POINT #1 – THE ____________________ – Verse 1 Acts 10:34-35 Galatians 2:6 POINT #2 – THE ____________________ – Verses 2-4 I John 4:20-21 POINT #3 – THE ____________________ – Verses 5-13 A. Jesus ____________ Showed Partiality – Matthew 19:16-22 B. It ____________ People C. It is a By-produc …

Hospitality as a Way of LIfe
Scheduled: August 14, 2022
Dr. Justin Gambrell

Hospitality as a Way of Life Hospitality must not be viewed simply as a means to an end, but as a “a way of life infused by the gospel.” 1.  Margin (Jesus took time)               Mark 6:30-32 Hurry is an enemy of Biblical Hospitality Our schedules must provide room to extend hospitality to others ( …

Revelation, Week Seven
Scheduled: August 14, 2022

Series: Revelation Title: The War in My Heart Passage: Revelation 17-19:10 Date: August 14, 2022 1A. There is a tug of war going on inside of my heart. 1B. In this context, “the world” is culture that opposes God. 2B. Love for the world and love for God are incompatible.  2A. I must trust God with m …