Leaving Egypt
Scheduled: July 3, 2022

Exodus 13:13-14 CSB 1. The Campout By The Sea Exodus 14:15-16 CSB Exodus 14:21-22 CSB Notes: 2. The Glory of God Exodus 14:23-25 CSB Exodus 14:26-28 CSB Exodus 14:30-31 CSB Notes: 3. The Song Of Response Exodus 15:1-3 CSB Notes: So Now What?                                                            …

Scheduled: July 3, 2022

Notes will be available Saturday July 2nd 

Teach Truth: “Doctrine, Not Deception”
Scheduled: July 3, 2022
Reverend Josh Gilman

“We Worship the God Who is Our Living Hope”    Welcome          Song of Praise     “Lift High the Name of Jesus”       Call to Worship      Heidelberg Catechism Q.1        Song of Praise     “Good and Gracious King”    Confession of Faith      Psalm 62:1,2; 5-7      Song of Praise    “Build My …