Jesus’ Ministry Begins
Scheduled: January 29, 2023
Pastor Kim Alexander

In this message, we will take an overview of Jesus’ ministry. When He started His public ministry, and how His fame spread. What can we learn from Jesus’ ministry?

Add to Your Faith
Scheduled: January 29, 2023
Jeremy Stalnecker

“Add to Your Faith” – 2 Peter 1:4-10 I. God’s Part Salvation Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. A Relationship with God 2 Chronicles 15:2b The LORD is with you, while ye be with him; and if ye seek him, he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him, he w …

The Heart of God
Scheduled: January 29, 2023
Guest Speaker, Mike Hite

The Heart of God Luke 6:45 (NLT) A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart. Bottom line: if you want to know what God is like look closely at Jesus Ve …