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Home For Christmas, Week Two
Scheduled: December 11, 2022

Date: December 11, 2022 Title: The True Older Brother Passage: Philippians 2:6-8, Luke 15 The Main Thing: Jesus left His home to bring us home. 1A. Jesus is God. 2A. Jesus is human. 3A. Jesus set aside the benefits of being God. 1B. Jesus set aside His power2B. Jesus set aside His privileges3B. Jesu …

Take Heart, Salvation is Coming
Scheduled: December 11, 2022

Take Heart, Salvation is Coming Isaiah 40:1-11   The Pronouncement of Comfort (Isaiah 40:1-2) The Person of Comfort (Isaiah 40:3-5) The Promise of Comfort (Isaiah 40:6-8) The Proclamation of Comfort (Isaiah 40:9-11) The coming of the victorious king (Isaiah 40:10) The coming of the good shepherd (Is …

Three Reasons for a Song of Joy
Scheduled: December 11, 2022
Seth Carter

Join us as Pastor Seth Carter delivers a message titled "Three Reasons for a Song of Joy" (Luke 2:8-11)