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More Qualities of Great Friends
Scheduled: July 3, 2022

FACTS ABOUT GREAT FRIENDSHIPS: GREAT friendships demonstrates HONESTY and TRUST’ TRUST Trust is one of, if not the, most important qualities…of a friendship/marriage/family/any relationship HONESTY   Being honest means you can be counted on to say the truth and keep your word 4 vital questions we ne …

Leaving Egypt
Scheduled: July 3, 2022

Exodus 13:13-14 CSB 1. The Campout By The Sea Exodus 14:15-16 CSB Exodus 14:21-22 CSB Notes: 2. The Glory of God Exodus 14:23-25 CSB Exodus 14:26-28 CSB Exodus 14:30-31 CSB Notes: 3. The Song Of Response Exodus 15:1-3 CSB Notes: So Now What?                                                            …

Scheduled: July 3, 2022

Notes will be available Saturday July 2nd