Northgate Christian Church
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If You Love Me
Scheduled: October 9, 2022

“If You Love Me…” John 14:15-24   If you love me, you will ___________ what I ___________________. John 14:15   Whoever has my ________________ and obeys them, he is the one who ___________   _______. John 14:21   If anyone __________  me, he will obey my ______________. John 14:23   A new _________ …

Tabernacle Part 2
Scheduled: October 9, 2022

Notes will be available on Saturday Oct 7

Unanswered Prayer
Scheduled: October 9, 2022

Life is made-up of ____________ and _______________. Illustrations:  Robert Wadlow, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Apollo 13 Illustrations:  Chandra Dangi, Mpongeng gold mine, and Challenger Deep. Who is Victor Vescovo? Our last sermon ended on a ___________ note!  Prayers that changed things! What about p …