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Christian Conclusions
Scheduled: October 4, 2020

Christian Conclusions Luke 9:27-36 & Mark 9:9-10   -Conclusions based upon truth are the safest conclusions to draw. -We must be careful of drawing conclusions based on mere feeling! -True Christianity leads us to make some definite conclusions a/b Jesus.   -Notice 1st of all, Jesus pr …

Worship Sunday
Scheduled: October 4, 2020

No Sermon Notes today for Worship Sunday! But Here’s Our Set List! Evidence The Father’s House Midnight Song Here Again Not In a Hurry Alpha & Omega Love So Great  

Healing of the Mind Pt 5: Refining My New Mind
Preached: September 30, 2020
Teacher: Pastor Richard Donald

Refining My New Mind Isaiah 61:1-11 We are all on a spiritual journey in which God is building us up. How do we respond to his work in our lives? Define Refining: is the process of purification of a substance or a form. The term is usually used of a natural resource to remove impurities or unwanted …