Laurelwood Baptist Church
Come and See
Archived – May 17, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)

Come and See

May 17, 2020 / Pastor Mike Wilde / 1

  to others what God has you

How do we create a come and see environment to help people see Jesus for themselves?

Heart motives will be (vs. 38)

Lifestyles will be (vs. 42)

People will God for themselves (vs. 49-51)

Questions to Consider

  1. Last week we asked you to share about those who helped encourage you in your relationship with Jesus. What were some of the compelling words/activities they did to help you “Come and See” Jesus for yourself? What have you found helpful in encouraging lost people to “Come and See” Jesus?
  2. Read John 1:35-47. Describe the “web of relationships” you see in the passage. What does that suggest to us about who we can be reaching for Christ?
  3. Joe Aldrich said, “We must be the Good News before we can share Good News.” Do you agree? Why or why not? What implications does that have for us in helping people “Come and See”?
  4. Why do you think people have such a negative or disinterested view of the church and Christians today? What do you think made Jesus so attractive to the irreligious that the religious leaders labeled Him, “a friend of sinners?” How might our church be both compelling to the unchurched and yet, faithful to God and His Word today?

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