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The Power of Community
Archived – March 29, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)

The Power of Community

March 29, 2020 / 16

by Pastor Mike Wilde

Romans 12:2; Matthew 5:14-16; Romans 15:18-20; Romans 1:16

Transformed community only occurs in the context of relationships

Four truths for transforming community

  • First, sincere relationships move us to make great (16:3-4)

  • Second, sincere relationships move us to harder (16:9)

  • Third, sincere relationships move us towards greater (16:16)

  • Finally, Sincere relationships move us to greater (16:17-19)

Questions To Consider

  1. Who are some of the people that helped you become the man or woman of God you are today? How did they help? How did you “greet” them or let them know the impact they had on your life?
  2. Read vs.17-20. What are the truths that will keep you from being troubled by those who don’t have your best interests in mind? Is there a promise from God here? If so, what is it?
  3. Read vs.1,2 and vs.21-23. What helps did Paul receive to be able to write and get this letter to Rome? Discuss some of the ways we, as a church, can live out to be the church during our present situation.
  4. Read vs.25-27 In what ways has God equipped us as a church to have sincere relationships with Him and with one another? How can you put this in practice this week?

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