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The Dirty Dozen: Peter the Proud

May 16, 2021 / Dr. Clayton Chisum

Peter the Proud

Series: The Dirty Dozen — Week #1

May 16, 2021

Dr. Clayton Chisum

[Throughout the summer, CBC will walk together through the lives of all 12 disciples of Jesus. From Peter to Judas — each disciple has a story to tell, and God has a life-shaping message from each of these men to deliver to us.]

Mark 3:16–19 (ESV)

The first disciple in our series is Simon Peter. His real name is Simon, and Jesus gave him his new name of Peter. And we can remember this man as .

John 1:40–42 (ESV)

Luke 5:1–11 (ESV)


Of all the disciples, we have more information on Peter than any other. We know about his past before he met Jesus, we see his growth and failures while a disciple next to Jesus, and we even get to see his ministry after Jesus is gone.

God is more interested, not in who you’ve been, but .


Peter was enthusiastic, strong-willed, impulsive, and, at times, brash. But for all his strengths, Peter had several failings in his life.

The path of a Jesus follower is .

  1. In Matthew 14… Peter left the boat to walk on the water to Jesus — and then took his eyes off Jesus and began to sink
    • Misstep #1: When our godly intentions quickly turn to personal preservation
  2. In Matthew 16… Peter took Jesus aside to rebuke Him for speaking of His death — and was swiftly corrected by the Lord
    • Misstep #2: When we think we know better than the Lord
  3. In Matthew 17… It was Peter who suggested erecting three tabernacles to honor Moses, Elijah, and Jesus — and fell to the ground in fearful silence at God’s glory
    • Misstep #3: When we make plans for the Lord
  4. In John 18… It was Peter who drew his sword and attacked the servant of the high priest — and was immediately told to put away his weapon.
    • Misstep #4: When we try to protect the faith but hurt the lost.
  5. In Matthew 26… It was Peter who boasted that he would never forsake the Lord, even if everyone else did — and later denied three times that he even knew the Lord
    • Misstep #5: When our witness is driven by convenience rather than obedience

Ephesians 2:4–5 (ESV)

Thank God he didn’t discard of Peter… and thank God he doesn’t discard of us.


Proverbs 16:18 (ESV)

screws up… and usually it’s because of our .

We all fall, and we all fail… just like Peter.

Matthew 16:18 (ESV)

screws up… but !

Jesus sees us differently that we see ourselves. We are all unqualified, but that doesn’t stop God! We all need to ask ourselves this question…

If Peter, ?



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