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How to thank God!
Archived – October 9, 2022

How to thank God!

October 9, 2022

Why thank God leads to how we thank God!

Matthew 18:8,9- We thank God with in Him, not in ourselves. Confidence in Him is faith. Confidence in ourselves only is

Matthew 18:10-12;Question: How did the Pharisee know the Tax Collector was Question: Do we go to Church to be or to see and God and our brothers and sisters in the Lord?

Matthew 18:13; How do we thank God? 1. By making Him the absolute of our and with others.

You can pray wrong! The Pharisee prayed in arrogance. Pray is not the time for arrogance but humility. Prayer must come from a and a heart.

How do we thank God? 2. By living and showing . Not substituting truth for kindness but rather sharing the truth of God’s Word with humility and kindness. Out of gratitude/ for what God has done for us and can do for anyone who will believe!

Prayer then becomes about sincere conversation with God. It recognizes that God is not and cannot be impressed by us, including in the area of our prayers. He is however the One who created us and loves us. The One who desires for us to walk before Him and before others with , , and

Are you thankful today? If you’re not look around and take the time to realize God loves you and you have because He created you. Start your thanks there!

If you are thankful today, who are you thankful for? Is it God and His love and grace towards you? It must be or you are simply walking in .

We are thankful to God for His and towards us. We are thankful for each of you who are with us as the Dynes Christian/GACNATION Online Church Family, today and everyday.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you!



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