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Hospitality as a Way of LIfe
Archived – August 14, 2022

Hospitality as a Way of LIfe

August 14, 2022 / Dr. Justin Gambrell

Hospitality as a Way of Life

Hospitality must not be viewed simply as a means to an end, but as a “a way of life infused by the gospel.”

1.  (Jesus took time)  

            Mark 6:30-32

      • is an enemy of Biblical Hospitality
      • Our schedules must room to extend hospitality to others (elimination; trading good things for best things) 
      • We must be willing to be

             Luke 5:17-19

            Luke 8:22-24

            Luke 8:43

            Luke 12:11-21

            Mark 1:35-39

            Mark 10: 46-52 

Practicing radically ordinary hospitality necessitates building margin time into the day, time where regular routines can be disrupted but not destroyed – Rosaria Butterfield, The Gospel Comes with a House Key


  • Hospitality will not happen by
  • Hospitality is built through daily, weekly, and monthly


       Luke 10:38-42

    • Jesus modeled to us the of presence. 
    • In a world of distractions, we need to be to those we minister to. 


       John 13:12-17, 35

    • Jesus us radical, sacrificial hospitality
    • Hospitality is an opportunity to show the kind of that Christ showed to others. 

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