Antioch Community Church
Family Leader Training
January 20, 2022

Family Leader Training

January 20, 2022

Antioch Family Leader Handbook
Spring 2022



Section 1: A Disciple-Making Culture

4     Jesus’ Final and Great Command 
5     Four Different Church Cultures 
6     The Disciple-Making Stages 
7     What Role Do DNA Groups Play? 
8     The Disciple-Making Fountain at Antioch 

Section 2: Antioch Family Structure

10     What is an Antioch Family? 
12     What does an Antioch Family do? 
13     Eat Together 
15     Grow Together 
19     Life Together 

Section 3: Antioch Family Leadership

21     What is your primary responsibility? 
22     What is your role as an Antioch Family Leader? 
23     What is your role as an Antioch Family Timothy? 
24     What is your role as an Antioch Family Helper? 

25    Nuts and Bolts 

26    Spring 2022 Family Groups 

27    Spring 2022 DNA Groups 27




Jesus’ Final and Great Command

Matthew 28:18–20
[18] And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. [19] Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, [20] teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Jesus’ Final Command:

A disciple (literally ) is one who constantly reorients their entire life around being with Jesus, like Jesus, and helping others do the same.

Jesus’ Formula for Making Disciples

Baptizing: There is an   element to discipleship. Building relationships and sharing the gospel is the first half of discipleship.

Teaching to Obey: There is an  element to discipleship. Teaching and modeling what Jesus commanded and how to obey it in real life is the second half of discipleship.

Antioch Families are designed to both and .

Jesus’ Power for Making Disciples:

is His.
He is .


Four Different Church Cultures

*See screen for visual*

Invitation is:  

Challenge is: 


The Disciple-Making Stages

*See screen for visual*


What Role Do DNA Groups Play?

Purpose: DNA Groups are for the leaders of our small group disciple-making vehicles (Antioch Families and Alpha) to be  while they are making .

The goal of DNA Groups is to grow in and in Jesus.

DNA Groups are required for Antioch Family Leaders and Timothies but they are optional for Helpers.

DNA stands for:


DNA Group day/time/location are not assigned but determined by the group. They meet once a week for the duration of the semester.


The Disciple-Making Fountain at Antioch

*See screen for visual*


Antioch Family


What is an Antioch Family?

A Jesus Centered  on

Acts 2:42-47 gives us the format we follow from the earliest church. They were:

1.  to the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer.

Acts 2:42
“[42] And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

Devote – to in these four things:

1. Apostles’ Teaching

What we now have as the                           
Characterized by an                            on the person and work of Christ

2. Fellowship

Literally means                                
Mutual and regular                                 of one another’s lives including both the joys and burdens

3. Breaking of Bread

Being around the table is a picture of the gospel in its experience of                           ,                           , and                           .

4. Prayer

                           with God that leads to the fulfillment of his purposes.


2.   of needs and sacrificial in giving.

Acts 2:43-45
“[43] And awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. [44] And all who believed were together and had all things in common. [45] And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.”

3.  in both large group and small group gatherings.

Acts 2:46
“[46] And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts,”

The earliest Christianity was marked by involvement in the rhythms of large group (temple) and small group gatherings (in their homes).

4.  to do evangelism in community and see people come to faith in Christ.

“[47] praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.”

In the early church they did not focus on attractional   but rather attractional  .


What does an Antioch Family do?

In order to holistically make disciples, we believe few rhythms to help facilitate this.


  • Weeks 1 + 3:  Together
    • This time is built around table.
    • This is the front door into an Antioch Family and is a time to have good conversation, encourage, and have fun.
    • It is an ideal place to invite a friend who doesn’t follow Jesus.
  • Weeks 2+ 4:  Together
    • This time is built around the table and the word.
    • Guys and girls split up to spend time learning how to follow Jesus by praying together and studying the Bible.
  • Periodically:   Together
    • This time is built around shared experience.
    • Life on life can happen anytime. It’s about hanging out outside of scheduled times. It does not have to be the entire group.


Weeks 1+ 3: Eat Together.

The experience these weeks should be low key, , and fun.

Avoid .
 a lot.
Enjoy the .

Make sure that each Eat Together week has two things:


2. Group conversation

Non-Spiritual Conversation Starter Ideas

  • What is your favorite family vacation from when you were a kid?
  • Who was your favorite teacher in grade- school and why?
  • Who was your first crush in elementary or middle school? Why did you like them?
  • If you could take a selfie anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you be doing?
  • If you could forget one embarrassing thing about middle school, what would it be?
  • If you could have taken a selfie when you were a kid, what aspect of yourself would you laugh about now?
  • What do you know more about than anyone else in the room?
  • What did you have to have to be cool as a kid?
  • If you could make one thing in life free, what would it be (coffee, houses, cars)?
  • What was your favorite thing about spring from your childhood?
  • How do you decide what to eat for breakfast in the morning?
  • What is your spirit animal?
  • Have everyone have one good thing said about them from the people in the Family.
  • If aliens were real what planet would you want to be from (any alien from any movie or tv show)?
  • If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
  • Who’s your favorite TV dad?
  • What was the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten? When Where Why
  • What’s your go-to karaoke song?
  • If you were gonna be a hoarder of something what would it be?
  • What is secretly your favorite sappy love song/movie?
  • What was the most expensive thing you’ve ever seen, touched, been a part of?


  • What’s the biggest item on your bucket list?
  • What’s the funniest #adventure photo you can find on Instagram right now?
  • What was something that you’ve worked at as a kid for a really long time and accomplished?
  • What’s the funniest thing you got caught doing or lying about when you were a kid?
  • Who was your best friend in elementary school and what’s one thing you remember about them?
  • What club(s) (real or made up) where you a part of growing up?
  • If you could have one thing be better in your life a year from now what would it be?
  • What tattoo would you give to the person to your left?
  • What is your favorite “Winter Memory” from when you were a kid?
  • What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • Who is your favorite superhero?
  • If you could have one question about your future answered, what question would you ask?

    New School Year

    • What was your favorite thing you did this past summer?


    • What are you doing for Thanksgiving break? What are you thankful for?
    • If you could cut one dish out of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner what would it be?
    • Christmas music before Thanksgiving or after? State your case.


    • What is your favorite Christmas Song? And you have to sing one line of it.
    • When did you stop believing in Santa?

    New Semester

    • What was the high and low of your Christmas break?
    • What was the best thing you did over break?


    • What is your favorite Easter candy?
    • What was your favorite Easter memory?

    Spring Break

    • What are your Spring Break plans?
    • What was your favorite part of Spring Break?

    End of the Year

    • What are your summer plans?
    • What is the best thing that has happened this semester and the worst thing?


    Weeks 2+4: Grow Together.

    The goal is to make disciples: to lead people to reorient their lives around being with Jesus, like Jesus, and help others do the same.

    We use a three-part system to facilitate these times. Including dinner an example schedule would look like this:

    • 7:00-7:30pm – Dinner
    • 7:30-7:40pm – Look Back (Guys and girls split up)
    • 7:40-8:15pm – Look Up
    • 8:15-8:30pm – Look Ahead (Guys and girls back together for this)


    Section 1: LOOK BACK (10 Min.)

    Options for what this time can look like:

    How was your week? Highs/Lows?

    Celebrating Personal Discipleship
    What have you experienced or discovered with God in the last week through Bible reading or prayer?

    Celebrating Mission
    Have you told somebody about Jesus in the last week or helped him/her discover God?


    Section 2: LOOK UP
    (35 Min.)

    REAP Bible Study Method

    Read (5 min)
    Read the passage aloud. Take turns at each paragraph break.

    Examine (15 min)
    What does this passage teach us who God is?
    What does this passage teach us about what God has done?
    What does this passage teach us about who we are?
    What does this passage teach us about what we are to do?

    Apply (10 min)
    What unbelief do you need to repent of?
    What gospel truth do you need to believe?
    How do you need to obey Jesus in light of this passage?

    Pray (5 min)
    Open Bible Prayer. Keep your Bibles open and allow the passage to inform your prayers.
    Pray for one another and any other needs.


    Romans Reading Schedule

    **Even if your group cannot meet for a week, stick to this schedule. It will remove lots of confusion.

    Week of January 24 – Eat Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 1
    Family Time: Introduce plan to read Romans

    Week of January 31 – Grow Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 2
    Family Time: Discuss Romans 1-2

    Week of February 7 – Eat Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 3

    Week of February 14 – Grow Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 4
    Family Time: Discuss Romans 3-4

    Week of February 21 – Eat Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 5-6

    Week of February 28 – Grow Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 7
    Family Time: Discuss Romans 5-7

    Week of March 7 – Eat Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 8

    Week of March 14 – Grow Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 9
    Family Time: Discuss Romans 8-9

    Week of March 21 – Eat Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 10-11

    Week of March 28 – Grow Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 12
    Family Time: Discuss Mark 10-12

    Week of April 4 – Eat Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 13-14

    Week of April 11 – Grow Together Week
    Personal Reading: Romans 15-16
    Family Time: Discuss Romans 13-16

    Week of April 18 – Eat Together Week
    Final Week/Celebration


    Section 3: LOOK AHEAD
    (15 Min.)

    Casting Vision and Training
    What you learn in DNA group, pass to your Family. (3 Circles, 7 Stories of Hope, etc).

    This is time to talk about your Families Missional Focus.

    Lost List: 5/5
    Have everyone in your group write 5 lost people they are praying for. Give people a chance to share any updates with people on their list.

    Pray 5 minutes each day for those 5 people. Pray for those people. Pray for opportunities with them. Pray for boldness.

    Set Goals
    What is God leading you to do this week? Is there someone you need to share the gospel with?

    Spend time praying for one another and for the lost people on your lists.


    Life Together.

    This is simply the members of the Family doing more with each other than meeting once a week during Family Time. This doesn’t have to be everyone. It could just be a few guys or a few girls or a combination of both.

    It can be going to the park together, seeing a movie on a Friday night, or it can be reading the Bible together.

    The goal is to provide extra space for members of your Family to engage with one another and to provide extra spaces to pull in lost people.

    As the leader, you don’t have to initiate every one of these Life on Life times. But this should be part of your strategy to make disciples. Opening your life, including others in your life, giving access is a key part of discipleship.

    Here are some ideas for Life on Life time:

    1. : Where do you have down time in your schedule? How can you invite people into those times?
    2. : Where do you have chunks of time filled with “mindless” tasks such as grocery shopping or chores? These are great times to invite others into your normal life.
    3. : Most of us eat three times a day. We have 21 opportunities a week to invite the lost and other Christians into our lives.
    4. : What do you like to do for fun? Invite others into that.
    5. : You normally read the Bible. So why not invite others to join you? This is something that is helpful for 2 or more Christians in the Family to do together. It is also something that you can invite a non-Christian or new believer into. See the appendix for a resource on how to study the Bible.


    SECTION 3:
    Antioch Family


    What is Your Primary Responsibility as an Antioch Family Leader, Timothy, or Helper?

    To  in and  Jesus.

    First and foremost, your main focus is to abide in Jesus. Jesus is crystal clear to his disciples: “Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)    

    The life of a spiritual leader is that of  on Jesus.

    Ultimately, you will bear no fruit as a Family Leader if you are not living with a spirit of dependence on the person and work of Jesus through  time in Scripture, prayer, confession, and community.

    The goal is to daily walk with Jesus, trusting that you are a beloved son and daughters through his blood so that you might be a well of his love, grace, and power to the world around us.


    What is Your Role as an Antioch Family Leader?

    Purpose: To  smaller groups within our church towards reorienting their entire lives around being with and like Jesus.

    1.  .

    Ultimately, your role is to   

    You are not primarily a small group facilitator, or fellowship coordinator, or Bible study leader.

    Your goal is to help the people in your group  their lives around being with Jesus and like Jesus. To learn the  of Jesus. To learn the  of Jesus.

    2.  Spiritually.

    We have selected you to be a Family Leader because we believe you are ready to spiritually lead.

    Therefore, we want to operate with high accountability, but low control.

    We want to be there for you, give you guardrails, troubleshoot, encourage. But when it comes to how you lead your Family we want you to be free to be a spiritual leader: one who  on the Spirit to guide you in helping others follow Jesus.

    This affects how you will understand your role as a Family Leader. You are not  regurgitating the assigned questions or teaching the lesson that comes next in the curriculum. You are spiritually leading your Family.

    Ask the Holy Spirit to  you.


    What is Your Role as an Antioch Family Timothy?

    Purpose: To be developed and discipled into disciple-makers and                      Antioch Family Leaders.


    Be  to be discipled by your Family Leaders and Multipliers.

    • Attend and actively participate in                         .

    2. See yourself as a     right now.

    • Lead at least  Bible study discussion at family group
    • Periodically  other components of Bible Study weeks (prayer time, lost list, etc) at the Family Leaders discretion.
    • Plan, organize, and :
      – One hang out activity outside family group per semester
      – One volunteer activity for family group per semester


    What is Your Role as an Antioch Family Helper?

    Purpose: To provide support so that disciple-making can occur smoothly.

    1.   hospitality.

    Whether opening up your home or not, welcome new folks first. Set a hospitable tone by being kind and open to first time visitors and returning visitors.

    Initiate with visitors and don’t wait for them to come to you.

    2.  leaders in logistics.

    Organize and coordinate weekly meals, track attendance in Planning Center Groups, and any other logistics.

    You don’t have to cook every week but you are responsible for making sure there is a plan for dinner each week.


    Nuts and Bolts

    How will COVID affect things this Spring?

    • Masks and social distancing will not be required inside and outside in light of the latest local and state mandates.
    • Respect those who still want to wear a mask or practice social distance.

    Communicating with New Sign Ups

    • As new folks sign up for your Antioch Family via the website or online Connection Form, Morgan will forward you their information.
    • Please make sure to reach out to any sign ups as soo as possible but at least the day before your Antioch Family will meet.

    Communicating with Your Antioch Family

    • Create a Group Me.
    • Reach out at least once a week on the day of to remind about that night’s gathering.
    • Utilize Group Me to foster connection by reaching out throughout the week and sharing prayer requests and updates.


    • Helpers will log attendance and add visitor contact information.
    • We are now beginning to utilize attendance in Family Groups as our primary way to keep track of how consistent people are so that we can provide follow up shepherding as needed.


    Spring 2022 Antioch Families

    Mondays at 7PM in Hoover

    Leaders: Alex and Gina Lowry
    Helper: John Johnson
    Timothy: Mary Kathryn Hunt
    Address: 3443 Loch Ridge Trail Birmingham, AL 35216 (The Lowry’s)

    Mondays at 7PM in Hoover

    Leaders: David and Jenn Parks
    Helper: Anna Sato
    Timothy: —
    Address: 2471 Regent Ln, Birmingham, AL 35226 (The Park’s)

    Wednesdays at 6:30PM in Southside

    Leaders: Gloria Roy and James Oliver
    Helper: Kaylee Wagstaff
    Timothy: Kate Redden and Mikayla Tuma
    Address: 1409 10th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205 (James’)

    NEW Plant Wednesdays at 6:30PM in Homewood

    Leaders: Andrew Jetzel and Sydney Lawrence
    Timothy: Molly Rae Walter
    Address: 121 Kingston Court, Birmingham, AL 35211 (Sydney’s)

    Thursdays at 5:30PM in Vestavia

    Leaders: Van and Lauren Jones
    Helper: Sam and Lydia Trexler
    Timothy: Tyler Batchelor
    Address:913 Mountain Branch Drive, Vestavia Hills, AL 35226 (The Jones’)

    Alpha | Tuesdays at 7:00PM in Homewood

    Leaders: Carter Autrey, Caroline Bass, Ellie Morris, Gloria Roy
    Host: Mikayla Tuma


    Spring 2022 DNA Groups

    Led by Alex Lowry
            Andrew Jetzel (Family Leader)
            John Johnson (Family Helper)
            Van Jones (Family Leader)

    Led by Kevin Naylor
            Carter Autrey (Alpha Leader)
            David Parks (Family Leader)
            James Oliver (Family Leader)
            Tyler Batchelor (Family Timothy)

    Led by Gloria Roy
            Caroline Bass (Alpha)
            Jenn Parks (Family Leader)
            Kate Redden (Family Timothy)
            Mikayla Tuma (Family Timothy)
            Sydney Lawrence (Family Leader)

    Led by Katie Fletcher
            Ellie Morris (Alpha)
            Gina Lowry (Family Leader)
            Lauren Jones (Family Leader
            Mary Kathryn Hunt (Family Timothy)
            Molly Rae Walter (Family Timothy)


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