Cowboy Church of Collin County
Press Pause, Part 2
February 6, 2022
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Revelation 11:1-19

Press Pause, Part 2

February 6, 2022 / Revelation 11:1-19

Target:  Understanding the reason for the pause between every 6th & 7th judgment in a time of tribulation is only because of the grace of Jesus.


II.  The Faithfulness even in Adversity.  11:1

       A.    of Temple.  v. 1-2

       1.    Anti-Christ makes a promise: Rebuilds the Temple, 1st half of tribulation-false peace.

      2.    Anti-Christ demands to be praised: 2nd half of the tribulation.  2 Thess 2:4

      B.    of the Two Witnesses.  v. 3

      1.     Their Message  v. 3

     2.     Their Ministry  v. 4

     3.     Their Mission:

                   a.   Protected from evil schemes  v. 5

                   b.   Perform Signs & Wonders  v. 6

      4.    Their Murder:  v. 7-8

                  a.   People’s Refusal v. 9

                  b.   People’s Rejoiced v. 10

      5.    Their Miracle:

                  a.   Their Resurrection v. 11

                  b.   Their Retribution v. 12-13

      C.     of the 2nd Woe v. 14  3 Woes, Rev. 8:13

      D.     for the 7th Trumpet v. 15

       1.    Reign of Christ on Earth:  speaks of what is to come!  Millennial Reign & New Heaven/Earth.

      2.    Response of the 24 Elders:  Vindication for the Persecution.

      3.    Revelation of the Ark of the Covenant v. 19

Take away:  Jesus is either comforting you in the tribulation or convicting you with the tribulation.

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